Design Clinics

Back to work after Django Girls workshop and attending PyconCZ! It was all super exciting and I’m for sure going to write a separate blog post just about those events, as soon as all the pics and videos are out. But while we wait, it’s high time I posted about all the design clinics I had in past couple months. So let’s get to it!


1. DNF

I want to start with my favourite guys, who have been working with me since the first session: DNF guys. We’ve been working hard on a logo, coming up with different ideas, and went from completely avoiding letter usage in the logo to it being almost the main part. We developed concepts of it being fast, reliable and  package manager, and even a hawk (from hawkey). Here’s a couple solutions we’ve been working on:


The *almost* final design looks like the first one here with the letters DNF on it instead of the boolean satisfiability imagery.

2. Brno Docker meetup and Test Crunch

Next I met with Jan Bleha, who was then in the process of organizing Brno Docker meetup and Test Crunch. For the former we created a poster and for the latter a poster and a landing page, also facebook wallpapers for both.


Test Crunch design got changed in the process (not by me), but you can still see Docker posters around the office ;).

3. QE Camp

Next time I met with Chris Ward, who needed some advice with QE Camp logo and poster. First of I tried to fit the logo into a square, so it would be more usable on various social networks, and by that apparently started a process of complete branding upgrade. That one is done not by me, but I’m happy changes are being made and it looks good for QE Camp!


4. LibVirt

I had another design clinic meeting in October, where quite a lot of people wanted to come (I think), but in the end it was just the guys from LibVirt, which gave us plenty of time to work on their request ;). Apparently they had a 10 year anniversary of the 1st commit on November 2nd, so they asked for help with a T-shirt design for that event. As you can see, they have a fun logo with penguins, which immediately gave me a couple ideas for the tees. They have not been made yet, but hopefully, I helped, or at least gave them a bit of inspiration.


5. RedBot

Jan Hutar told me they were planning a programming competition for Czech students and one of the goals was to have resulting battles somehow visualized. You can check out the info on their facebook. Jan asked me to come up with images of dwarfs, potions and stones – all elements of the game. Here are my pixel guys and how it looks altogether in the visualizer:


6. Icons of all sorts

Lastly, I want to share with you a couple of icons for Brno Newsletter, FBB, and for PYOBD. I love icons and logos and am always happy to work on more.


Haven’t had a design clinic for a while now, because reasons 😉 But am probably going to organize one next week, will keep you posted!

Design Clinics

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