Hi all! In case you have missed it, I want to share an article on ever-so-popular swag item – stickers.

Ever since I became familiar with people from Red Hat and company itself, I noticed their popularity in the open source community. I have even blogged about it.  But didn’t give much thought as to the origins of this. Nor did I ever think it could come across as unprofessional to some people (or companies). But today I read this cool article about sticker usage and creation, which explains their purpose perfectly.

Basically, stickers are a great way to promote open source projects. Also – fun! For more “Rules of sticker club” go HERE.

An example of a table of stickers at Django Girls Brno this past Friday (that’s about 1/3 of them):


Everybody can do it, too, so grab your trusted Inkscape and get creative!


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