Fedora Badges Workshop

Hey everybody! Quick announcement: this Wednesday Red Hat Czech is opening doors of our Brno office again. Visit us and experience unique atmosphere of openness and cutting edge technology – all of it in our newest building located in Technology Park Brno.

What can you expect:
– presentations
– career info
– coding contests
– office tours
– interactive sessions
and more. See full schedule here.

One of the interactive sessions will be my workshop on Fedora badges, where you can come and try your hand at designing one! It is an updated version of Marie’s workshop at Flock last year. Starting at 1 pm I will give a presentation on badges and then we’ll try to create a couple together.

I will be going over the basics of how to design a Fedora Badge. For example I will outline where to find resources, how to pick out tickets and proper badge work flow for Inkscape. If you are curious about designing badges or badges in general, this is a great time to learn how to get involved and and this workshop is appropriate for all design skill levels.Get well on your way to earning an apprentice badge artist badge😀


Oh, and by the way: slides will be here!

Fedora Badges Workshop

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