High-school interns 2017

I am happy to announce, that this year additionally to short-term high-school internships, which will happen at the end of May, Red Hat has organized long-term ones. The difference is first of all the type of school students come from: long-term interns come from grammar schools. They don’t have a dedicated internship time, that’s why Matej Hrusovsky et al. have come up with an idea to give them an opportunity to discover Red Hat and intern by coming once every week for a couple of hours.

So starting end of February I have 2 amazing students for Fedora Design Team: Martin Modrý and Tereza Hlaváčková. They both study in Grammar school at Trida Kpt. Jarose and are very interested in computer graphics. Prior to starting they internships, they sent me some of their work and it’s really impressive. Both Martin and Tereza have experience working with vector graphics, although not yet much experience with Inkscape. WHich is not at all a problem, since they are really talented, and Inkscape is easy to get into once you’re familiar with the concept of vector vs raster.

We started by creating some badges as always, and have tackled quite a few tickets! Here are some of the badges they’ve designed:

Martin has also done some sketches for l10n icons and has started working on Fedora dice ticket. And Tereza has come up with an icon concept for FAF. Some more badges are in progress.

Guys are doing an amazing job and covering a lot of tickets that needed attention. We are happy to have them! They have also created their own blogs to write about the internship, and I’m looking forward to seeing their posts 😉

High-school interns 2017

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